Tuesday, March 04, 2014

getting cold is getting slim

Ever wandered why a professional swimmer, who trains up to 25 hours a week, consumes appr 10.000 calories per day and stays in perfect shape? Well, think about it. An hour in a relatively cold pool cools your body. And heating up that body takes a lot of energy. Simple trick. Say in the pool for one hour, that is in the cold pool, not the hot tub, and you will lose weight just because your body needs to compensate the temperature.
Even more simple: turn off the hot water under the shower. Turn down the temperature until just bearable. This is a habit that just takes a little self discipline and yields a big profit. Lowering the temp of your body, and especially, your fat reserves will demand energy from within to get the temperature back up again. And this process will help you to burn fat. Just as it helps the professional swimmer to stay in shape.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch Swimfan Movie Online

My suggestion to watch Swimfan online is:

I'm not sure if it improves your swimming but it is a good movie.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Never too late to start

There is always a good time to start loosing weight. A new year when there are a lot of people who realize that 10 kilos too much is too much. Or, when you passed a certain age when kilo tend to grow but won't disappear you understand that you need to change you calory intake and basically your lifestyle. 
It is nerver too late to start change. 
When your motivation is high enough (7 on a scale of 10) then start. If you lack motivation then I have the perfect tip for you: Just start. Duh. And after a view days you will stop again you will say. Yes you will stop, ok, but you tried! Now do the following. Write on the whiteboard in the kichen 3 reasons why you did quid. 
After a week you try again and gather 3 more quitting reasons. 
Ater a week, take a look at that list. Use it to find the motivation for NOT quitting. 
Try again, it is never too late. 

Friday, April 04, 2008

How to keep exercising fun

I found these tips to keep exercising fun. They are really basic but even for the best pro's they are still very valid.

1. MAKE IT FUN! No one likes things that are boring or seem like a chore. To stick with your exercise program, choose activities that you enjoy.

2. MIX IT UP! Too much of anything gets boring eventually, so switch up your exercise routine a few times a week. Try rotating three activities such as running, hiking, and kick boxing or yoga. This way you won’t quit do to boredom burn out, plus you’ll be training different body parts with each workout!

3. CHART YOUR SUCCESS. Set small, realistic goals for yourself and keep a written record as you achieve them. Seeing your success on paper can be super motivating.

4. THINK LONG TERM. View exercising and being active as a lifestyle, not a short term “diet” or quick fix. People who work out consistently see lasting results and get the most health benefits.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

fat oxidation

On fat oxidation I found the next segment. Very interesting. Difficult to read though. Oxidation is just an other word for burning.

Interventions aimed at increasing fat metabolism could potentially reduce the symptoms of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes and may have tremendous clinical relevance. Hence, an understanding of the factors that increase or decrease fat oxidation is important. Exercise intensity and duration are important determinants of fat oxidation. Fat oxidation rates increase from low to moderate intensities and then decrease when the intensity becomes high. Maximal rates of fat oxidation have been shown to be reached at intensities between 59% and 64% of maximum oxygen consumption in trained individuals and between 47% and 52% of maximum oxygen consumption in a large sample of the general population. The mode of exercise can also affect fat oxidation, with fat oxidation being higher during running than cycling. Endurance training induces a multitude of adaptations that result in increased fat oxidation. The duration and intensity of exercise training required to induce changes in fat oxidation is currently unknown. Ingestion of carbohydrate in the hours before or on commencement of exercise reduces the rate of fat oxidation significantly compared with fasted conditions, whereas fasting longer than 6 h optimizes fat oxidation. Fat oxidation rates have been shown to decrease after ingestion of high-fat diets, partly as a result of decreased glycogen stores and partly because of adaptations at the muscle level.

swim on an empty stomach

Swimming in the morning on an empty stomach seems not so bad.

When you keep your hart frequentie in the relaxed zone (60-70%) you will be more efficient in burning fat then on another moment of the day. 45% fatburning is no exeption. Keep drinking water, even in the pool, to keep you body hydrated. And when you stop swimming do not go for the sugar candy, but take a nutricious healthy breakfast.

This way of training gives your metabolism a boost that works all day and you will burn fat more efficient when your metabolism works better.

And what if your hunger seems to give you the feeling that you don't have enough energy to do the workout? You can take a smell bite. Take half a banana or half a energy bar and save the other half for after your workout. You feeling of a lack of energy is your bloodsugar that drops. Just a little bite will start your fatburing machine and because your body is low on carps it will go for the fat reserves much quicker then when you exercise after a larger meal.

Remember that your lever needs a lot of water to maintain it's work of fat oxidation. If you don't drink it will not do what you want it to do.

Monday, March 10, 2008

swimming makes hungry

Going through Google, looking for ‘burning calories while swimming’ I found several documents that describe swimming as a very good exercise for losing weight. But I also found a number of articles saying that swimming is less effective then other forms of exercise. Reasons like water temperature, number of muscle involved and a lot of other idea’s crossed the pages. Swimming makes you hungry and you will eat more after your swim was one excuse swimming was not an effective fat burner.

That last remark made me think.

I was waiting in the hall of the local pool and out came the little children after their swimming lesson. All hair wet, bags dragging, coats half-on and cheering, running to their respective waiting parents. Small kids, big kids, thin and fat kids. Then something struck me: A number kids, that are clearly overweight, got candy and or drinks with lots of sugar, immediately as they came out. They traded their bags (mommy carried them for them) for something to eat. Swimming makes hungry, yes indeed.
But if you want to loose some of your bodyfat, don’t stop your fat-burning machine 10 minutes after you’ve stopped swimming. If you need to eat stick a non-sugar-containing something in your mouth. Drink a liter of water or take a low-calorie diet bar. Your fat burning machine will remain burning fat as long as you do not feed it with calories from another source (food).

With only the exercise you will not loose as much weight as you wish. Combine the exercise with a diet and you will burn your bodyfat like chicken on a grill. Mmm that sounds delicious.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Swimming is the best all round exercise that a person can do

Linda Fletcher wrote this article on the benefits of swimming on losing weight.

The experts will tell you that swimming is the best all round exercise that a person can do. It's little wonder then why it's one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise going. You really can swim to slim as it's an excellent and accessible activity for anyone who wants to get fit and stay that way. So, if you're feeling a bit out of shape and want to tone up and feel good about yourself, keep it simple and start a swimming program today.
If you're an adult who can't swim, don't worry as most towns and cities have swimming classes for grown-ups so you'll be swimming like a fish in no time at all. Actually, that's not quite true as it can take a little time if you really are a novice, but the bottom line is that there are very few people that these instructors can’t teach.

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